Solaredge Designer

SolarEdge Designer is a software tool developed by SolarEdge Technologies, a leading provider of smart energy solutions. The SolarEdge Designer software is used in the design and planning of solar PV (photovoltaic) systems that utilize SolarEdge inverters and power optimizers.

The primary purpose of SolarEdge Designer is to simplify the process of designing solar installations by providing a user-friendly interface and automated calculations. It enables solar professionals, such as installers and system designers, to accurately size the solar arrays, determine optimal inverter and power optimizer placement, and generate comprehensive design documentation.

Key Points About SolarEdge Designer

1. Solar Array Design: The software allows you to specify the location of the installation and input design parameters such as roof size, azimuth, tilt, shading conditions, and module details. It then uses this information to generate an optimized layout for the solar panels.

2. Inverter and Power Optimizer Selection: SolarEdge Designer assists in selecting the appropriate SolarEdge inverters and power optimizers for the system based on the panel configuration and other system requirements. It ensures that the system components are compatible and maximizes energy production.

3. Shade Analysis: The software employs advanced shade analysis algorithms to assess the potential shading impact on the solar array. It helps identify shading objects such as trees, nearby buildings, or chimneys that may affect system performance, allowing for optimized placement of the power optimizers to mitigate shading effects.

4. Performance Estimation: SolarEdge Designer can estimate the energy production and system performance based on the system design, location, and other relevant factors. This information is crucial for evaluating the financial viability of the project and communicating its expected performance to customers.

5. Design Documentation: The software generates detailed design documentation, including single-line diagrams, electrical layouts, material lists, and installation instructions. This documentation aids in the installation process and ensures compliance with local regulations and standards.

Maximize Accuracy

HD satellite imagery, AI-assisted 3D modeling and roof detection give you a clear and exact picture of the rooftop, so you can show your customer an accurate representation of what their roof will look like.

Optimized Rooftop Layout And Solar Array Utilization

Automatic population of the rooftop using an irradiance map and shading analysis optimum placement of the solar panels, so you can deliver the best possible layout to your customer.

Automated Design For Maximum Yield

Get the most out of the solar system with automatic electrical design calculation providing you with the best recommendation for highly efficient solar system planning. Including automatic stringing and DC cabling. Battery & backup for smart load management.

How We Design Our Systems

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