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EV charging allows you to run your car from the power of the sun and maximise your energy savings. Whether you already own an electric vehicle or are considering purchasing one in the future, charging it with solar energy will ensure that your driving is both cost efficient and sustainable.

The EV market has seen extraordinary growth in recent years and offers an ever increasing range of vehicles now available from all major manufacturers.

Genfit can offer you the latest EV charging solutions from MyEnergi and Solaredge.

Different Levels of EV Charging

Level 1 EV Charger

This is the most basic type of charger and uses a standard 120V AC outlet. It is typically used for overnight charging at home.

Level 2 EV Charger

This type of charger uses a 240V AC outlet, similar to the one used for a clothes dryer or an electric range. It can charge an EV faster than a level 1 charger and is often used in public charging stations and homes.

Level 3 EV Charger (DC Fast Charger)

This type of charger uses direct current (DC) to charge the EV battery quickly. It can charge an EV in a matter of minutes, rather than hours. Level 3 chargers are typically found at public charging stations, service stations, and some parking garages.

Wireless Charging

This type of charger uses electromagnetic induction to transfer energy between a charging pad in the ground and a receiver on the bottom of the EV. this method is still in the development phase and not commercialised yet.

Depending on the EV model and the charging equipment available, EV owners can choose the type of charger that best meets their needs. Some EV models may also be charged using a standard household outlet, but this will take longer to charge the vehicle.

Simple EV Charger Installation

A home charging point is a compact weatherproof unit that mounts to an exterior wall with a connected charging cable or a socket for plugging into your EV. To charge your electric car at home you will require an EVSE supply cable for a standard UK socket or a home charging point installed locally to where you park your electric vehicle. Charge points can be configured to charge a EV when surplus Solar is produced beyond the property demand therefore limiting exported energy.

Why Install an EV Charger?

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Fast Charging

Drivers who choose a home charging point benefit from faster charge times, providing up 32A of current as opposed to 13A from a standard socket.

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Multiple charge modes can be selected to provide energy to suit your needs. Limit to only using surplus PV energy, fast charging or utilising economy energy tariffs are often featured.

Zappi EV Charger

Zappi is an electric vehicle (EV) charger that is designed and produced by the UK-based company, Myenergi. It is a smart EV charger that is capable of charging your electric vehicle using electricity generated from renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines. The Zappi EV charger is compatible with all electric cars, and it is available in both tethered and untethered versions.

One of the standout features of the Zappi EV charger is its ability to communicate with your solar panels or wind turbine in order to manage the charging of your electric vehicle in the most efficient way possible. The charger has three charging modes: Fast, Eco, and Eco+. The Fast mode is the standard charging mode that uses grid electricity to charge your car. The Eco mode uses surplus energy from your solar panels or wind turbine to charge your car. Finally, the Eco+ mode is designed to give priority to renewable energy sources, which means it will only charge your car when there is an excess of renewable energy available.

Overall, the Zappi EV charger is a highly advanced and innovative electric vehicle charger that is designed to make charging your car as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

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