Site Survey

What’s Included In The Site Survey

Part 1

In the first part of the survey, we will go around your property and assess the existing electrics, gas supply, and hot water to confirm that everything required for a safe and up to code installation is present on site.

Part 2

The Second part of the survey is spent on allocating the ideal equipment location that will allow for a tidy and well done installation.

Part 3

We would then decide on a cable run from the panels to the equipment and then the equipment to the property supply or consumer unit.

Part 4

We will need to have access to the loft to get the dimensions of the rafters and battens so we can be precise when installing.

Part 5

Last of all we will carry out a drone flight and collect images to assess the roof condition and export these images into our design software so that and accurate design can be complete.

Part 6

We will then spend some time discussing the ideal system for your property based on what we have discovered during our survey and what your hopes are for your system.

What Should You Have Ready For Us Upon Arrival

Access to loft

Access to the electrical supply

Access to water/gas bonding

Access to where you would like the equipment

What We Will Ask Before Attending Site?

What is your annual consumption?

Do you work from home?

What is your roof type?

Where would you prefer the equipment to be installed?

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