Chester University

The University of Chester have made a huge commitment to investing in solar PV technology across their estate of campus buildings over the last few years.  Genfit have played a key role in delivering on this commitment and continue to work closely with the University to continue with further installations including student accommodation and EV charging stations.

Parkgate Road Campus

Four campus buildings have a Solar PV installation providing electrical power to the Main Campus, Parkgate Road, Chester.

Queens Park Campus

The University of Chester, Queens Park Campus is situated in Handbridge beside the River Dee.  Genfit installed 109 kWp of solar power which will provide electricity to significantly reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint for many years to come.

Genfit only install SolarEdge Technologies Inc. DC optimisation inverters which offer superior level’s of safety, monitoring and allows for the complex configuration of multiple roof spaces.

K2 Systems GmbH manufactured equipment is a great example of a standing seam solar panel mounting system.

Brinno Timelapse Cameras used throughout.

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