Staveley Mill Yard

Staveley Mill Yard is a four-acre site comprised of over 20 retail and industrial units, in the centre of Staveley village, it is situated near to both Kendal and Windermere and close to central Lake District. The PV installation will be installed across various buildings and the overall power generated from the 1533 solar panels works out at 574.78 kWp. We will also be installing 9 inverters which will be fitted into a container and 774 P801 optimizers which are connected to the solar panels. There were different designs of SolarEdge inverters installed such as the 27.6K, 82.8K, 25K, 55K and 50K.

It is estimated that this installation will produce about 1,500,000 kilowatt hours a day, but this does depend on how good the weather is. Staveley Mill Yard isn’t just in it for themselves either as there planning to give back to the community and help the rest of the Staveley village by exporting energy back to the grid. They estimate that they only use 1,100,000 kwh of their solar production which leaves them with 400,000 kwh to hand to the village.

Installed DC Power (kWp)

Max Achieved AC Power (kW)

Annual Energy Production (MWh)

CO2 Emission Saved (Tonnes)

Equivalent Trees Planted

The owner of Staveley Mill Yard David Brockbank was asked a few questions about the installation.

How do you feel about the project?

“Excellent, everyone should be doing it. I would like Staveley to be carbon neutral by 2030”

Is there anything else that you would like to say about the PV project?

“The village benefits hugely from the solar energy exported to the village. It would be good if we calculated the village’s carbon footprint and then worked on reducing it. I would be happy to help and share our knowledge and experience”

Owner of staveley mill yard
Award for large scale project of the year 2021

We are delighted that this project won an award at the Energy Efficiency Awards for being the Regional Large Scale Project of the Year.

The 2021 Regional Large Scale Project of the Year Award rewards one exceptional project, in each of the 11 Regional areas around the UK, where energy efficiency measures of more than £250,000 have been installed.

This award recognises the efforts of all those involved locally in delivering a successful large scale energy saving project, while maintaining excellent customer service that demonstrates a high standard of quality workmanship throughout the project.

You can find out more about this award by heading to the Energy Efficiency Awards website.


Solar Panel

Longi Solar LR4-60HPH x 1533


12 Years Product Warranty


20.3 – 20.9%


1755 x 1038 x 35mm


19.5 kg


Solaredge 27.6k x 1

Solaredge 82.8k x 2

Solaredge 25k x 2

Solaredge 55k x 1

Solaredge 50k x 3


P801 x 774


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