Solar Car Port at Archbishop Temple High School

This 23.36 kWp PV system is our first car port installation of the year. A solar car port provides cover for vehicles when parked, whilst generating solar energy from the sun. This clean electricity can then be used to power the site of installation or to charge up electric vehicles. They can cover many different designs of car parks which enable them to blend in with the surrounding environment. They can also be customised to have gutters to harvest rainfall. Solar car ports can increase land value and create revenue opportunities for site operators from EV charge-points, branding and advertising. They will be become more common in the near future due to the rise in the usage of electric vehicles and the new rules coming into play in a few years.

This system consists of 64 x Longi Solar, LR4-60HPH-365Ms solar panels as well as 32 x p801 optimizers meaning that for every two panels installed is connected to one optimizer. To finish off the system we installed 1 x solar edge 16k inverter which was installed in an outer power block next to the car port so that it would enable us to connect it to the PV system. The block will be closed off to the children of the school to keep them out of danger.

Installed DC Power (kWp)

Max Achieved AC Power (kW)

Annual Energy Production (MWh)

CO2 Emission Saved (Tonnes)

Equivalent Trees Planted

Archbishop Temple High School

Archbishop Temple Church of England High School is a high performing secondary school in Preston, Lancashire. We they 782 pupils, aged 11-16, and they aim to provide an outstanding education based firmly on their core values of faith, nurture and service.

Their pupils receive a first-class education and their exam results are consistently among the best in the country (in 2019 83% of our students achieved a good grade in five or more subjects, including English and Maths). They are one of only nine schools in England selected as a lead hub in Modern Foreign Languages.

However, they aim to achieve much more than that. The school is a vibrant and exciting place to be. There is never a dull moment and we are proud of the extra-curricular provision that is available in school, as well as the exemplary pastoral care they offer their pupils. As a school, they aim to be a caring place, and work hard to ensure that they show their care to those who are members of the school, but also to people in the wider community. Their staff and pupils raise many hundreds of pounds each year to support good causes both locally, nationally and internationally.

Being a Church of England School is a core part of their ethos. They express their faith in regular acts of worship, but also by providing an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere where they make a commitment to each young person to try to support them to be the best they can be.

Car Port Solar Panel System


Solar Panel

Longi Solar LR4-60HPH x 64


12 Years Product Warranty


20.3 – 20.9%


1755 x 1038 x 35mm


19.5 kg


Solaredge 16k x 1


P801 x 32

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