Residential 4.38 kWp Solar PV System in Ellesmere Port

This week’s case study is based on the recent residential solar PV job we completed in Ellesmere port a few weeks back. The installed DC power of the system is 4.38 kWp and it is estimated to produce 3.58 MWh of energy and save around 834.4 kg of carbon emissions every year. The system consists of 12 x Longi Solar, LR4-60HBD-365M solar panels aswell as the same amount of S440 optimizers to connect to one solar panel each. The SolarEdge 3680H inverter for the system was installed inside a cupboard in the house and wired up to the arrays on the roof. The customer is also looking to install LG Chem RESU10H battery soon to store the energy being produced by the PV system.

Quote From The Customer

“We chose Genfit because we wanted a local company to do the work. The people at Genfit gave us confidence in the product on offer (plus we later found that our son-in-law who is a plumber/ heating engineer is a friend of Dave Houston – it helps to get a connection and a recommendation). We were aided through the ‘discovery’ phase of the project by email discussions with sales staff to arrive at our final configuration. Initial installation of the PV solar system was set up rapidly and went according to plan.”

“We use the system essentially to reduce our usage of electricity from the grid. We are pleased that we are generating more power than we expected and longer term we hope to be able to use the system to power an electric vehicle.”

Solar Panel System Front View
Solar Panel System With Sun Glowing

Main Benefits Of Solar Panels On Your Home

Improves the value of your home

Reduces your carbon footprint

Reduces energy bills

Better for the environment


Solar Panel

Longi Solar LR4-60HBD x 12


12 Year Warranty for Materials and Processing

30 Warranty for Extra Linear Power Output




1755 x 1038 x 30mm


23.3 kg


Solaredge 3680H X 1


s440 x 12

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