Northwich Memorial Court Solar PV Installation

Towards the end of last year, we visited Northwich to install another Solar PV System for Brio Leisure at their Northwich Memorial Court campus. The 101.70 kWp system consisted of 226 x Longi Solar, LR4-72HPH-450M solar panels which were separated into 5 different sections on the roof of the leisure centre meaning that everywhere on the roof was now covered in solar panels. There are also 113 x P950 Optimizers which connects to 2 solar panels per one as well as 2 x SolarEdge 33.3K inverters as it is a large commercial system. It is estimated to produce 79.09 MWh of energy every year on top of what they already produce from the original system they got installed by a different company a few years back. They are not just having financial benefits from the installation as they will also be having environmental benefits because of the huge amount of Co2 emissions being saved. 18.43 tonnes to exact which is equivalent to over 800 trees being planted.

Installed DC Power (kWp)

Max Achieved AC Power (kW)

Annual Energy Production (MWh)

CO2 Emission Saved (Tonnes)

Equivalent Trees Planted

We owe a massive thanks to Qwest Services for their help in this installation as they helped our team retrieve the equipment on the roof by using a crane to lift them up on the sports centre.

The reason brio had this installation was to power the large amounts of gym equipment that will be running throughout the day as well as their huge swimming facility which will need the power to run the pool and all other general equipment outside the pool such as lights and showers. This installation will also save huge amounts of money on their monthly energy bills due to the recent rise in the UK.

The image shows two pie charts of the system production and consumption over a calendar year.

Consumption Pie Chart
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Northwich Memorial Court is a fantastic leisure centre and entertainment venue all in one!

Fitness fanatics will be delighted with the huge 95 station gym and varied fitness class programme. The centre’s main pool also has a water slide meaning it’s great fun for the family, while the training pool is the perfect environment for younger children and swimming lessons. The main hall is an amazing entertainment venue for shows and events, and is available to hire too!


Solar Panel

Longi Solar LR4-60HPH x 226


12 Years Product Warranty


20.3 – 20.9%


1755 x 1038 x 35mm


19.5 kg


Solaredge 33.3K x 2


P950 x 113

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