Hawarden Castle Ground Mounted System

This 32.40 kWp solar PV system is our biggest ground-mounted system to date consisting of seventy-two Longi Solar, LR4-72HPH-450M solar panels connecting to one P950 optimizer for every 2 solar panels installed. The system was installed at a bit of a distance from the castle so it was wired up underground to avoid any trip hazards above the surface right through to the utility room in the castle where the SolarEdge 25k inverter would be installed on the wall. The system is estimated to produce around 30MWh of energy every year as well helping the environment by lowering their carbon footprint by 6.83 tonnes which is the equivalent to 313 trees being planted

Installed DC Power (kWp)

Max Achieved AC Power (kW)

Annual Energy Production (MWh)

CO2 Emission Saved (Tonnes)

Equivalent Trees Planted

Benefits of a Ground-Mounted Solar PV System

The great thing about ground mounted solar arrays is that they are beneficial to all homeowners. Even if you are an eligible candidate for a rooftop solar panel system, there are many benefits to selecting a ground mounted solar array instead.

Firstly, the ground mounted solar systems are incredibly easy to place. This is due to that fact that they can be placed on open land. No drilling into your roof is required at any stage, and the bracings that are used in these systems are easy to remove as well as lightweight. In the pole mount system, the bracings tend to be a little heavier and more securely installed.

Hawarden Castle

The name Hawarden Castle is probably better known as the grand stately home of W.E. Gladstone, former British Prime Minister, which is not open to the public. However, nestled in the lovely, albeit at times marshy, wooded park associated with Gladstone’s home, the extensive remains of Hawarden “Old” Castle may be explored by entering an unobtrusive stone archway in the town’s center. While not of Welsh origin, Hawarden Castle played a key role in the wars for independence of the 13th century.

Nower days there is a farm shop nearby as there is thousands of acres of field to plant and grow various different fruit and veg and even have a cafe where you can sit and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.


Solar Panel

Longi Solar, LR4-72HPH-450M x 72


12 Year Warranty for Materials and Processing
25 Year Warranty for Extra Linear Power Output




2094 x 1038 x 35mm




SolarEdge25K x 1


P950 x 36

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