Brighton Energy Cooperative – Medisort, Brighton

This case study is connected with our two previous case studies BCMY and R.T Page and Sons as they were all part of a hat-trick of PV Installations delivered by Genfit after linking up with our client down in Brighton (Brighton Energy Cooperative).

The 60 kWp PV Installation was installed across the Medisort building in Brighton, containing 220 BYD270P6C-30 solar panels, 110 P600 optimizers and 2 SolarEdge 27.6K Inverters.

Benefits of a PV Installation with us

  • Warranty – 25 years power optimizer warranty, 12 years inverter warranty, extendable to 20/25 years at low cost, monitoring free for a lifetime.
  • Safety – SolarEdge systems feature increased safety, minimising both fire risk and electrocution risk

What is Medisort?

They are the clinical waste management company for all types of businesses

For the disposal of sharps from dentists, vets, tattooists and hospitals, to sanitary, offensive and clinical waste in care homes, beauty salons and GP surgeries, they deal with the discrete removal and paperwork for all types of waste.

Medisort aims to deliver a bespoke service to all of our customers:

  • Maximising segregation
  • Ensuring full compliance
  • Delivering cost reductions
  • Reducing Environmental impact

They will deliver this using their unique technology, knowledge and proficiency that are brought to the fore by having dedicated staff with years of experience within the industry.

Solar Panels Installed at Medisort
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