Brighton Energy Co-op – R.T.Page & Sons

Another community energy project was delivered for Brighton Energy Co-operative by Genfit in 2018.  This 100% community funded solar PV system consists of 2 x 50kWp solar arrays installed across two main buildings at R.T. Page, a logistics and distribution company located in Barnham.

Why invest in solar for your business?  Solar energy is free, clean, safe and inexhaustible, making it an ideal energy source.  Show your commitment to the environment by installing a solar system to cut your company’s carbon emissions, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for you and your local community.

Genfit only install SolarEdge….here’s why

  • More energy from each module, future proofed to mitigate against decreased lifetime energy production risks such as leaves, bird droppings, snow, shading & soiling
  • More power by design with module-level power optimization and maximum design flexibility, enabling increased system capacity and faster return on investment
  • SolarEdge monitoring platform offers you module-level insights into your PV system, ensuring that it is performing to the best of it’s ability at all times
  • The SolarEdge solution effectively minimises potential O&M costs by offering field-proven products featuring warranties amongst the longest in the industry: 25 years for optimisers; 12 years for inverters (extendable to 20 years for an additional cost)
  • SolarEdge’s SafeDC feature is designed to de-energise the solar array in the event of an inverter or grid shutdown, protecting your property as well as installers, electricians and firefighters


Solar Panel

BYD 270P6C-30-4BB x 369


12 Years for Product

25 Years Linear Warranty


18.7 kg


1645mm x 992mm x 35mm


18.7 kg


Solaredge25K x 4


P600 x 185

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